You will be held responsible for knowing these rules and acting accordingly. There are no exceptions.

1.1. All Federal, State, & Local laws shall be obeyed.
1.2. All club members must also be members in good standing of the National Rifle Association.
1.3. The front gate will remain locked at all times, except during club matches and functions. Close and lock the gate behind you when entering or leaving.
1.4. Any club member may ask to see a member’s card/key at any time while on range property.
1.5. Membership cards must be readily available and shall not be loaned, transferred to, or used by others.
1.6. No glass containers allowed. Use plastic or metal cans.
1.7. NO alcoholic beverages or mood altering drugs, legal or not, are allowed on range property.
1.8. The range is open for shooting from sunup to sundown. You may NOT shoot at night.
1.9. Destruction of private property is not allowed. Police will be called for any serious infraction.
1.10. You are responsible for your own trash. Clean up after yourself.
1.11. No 50BMG or similar.
1.12. No fully automatic firearms allowed. No bump fire stock may be used.
1.13. No firearms with barrels less than 6 inches long are allowed in the 100 & 200 yard bays. No firearms allowed forward of the firing line on the 100 & 200 yard ranges during open general shooting.
1.14. No one may use the range for any type of organized shooting event without the approval of the Club. Instructors are responsible for their own liability insurance. All instructors have the authority to dismiss any student for unsafe or disruptive behavior.
1.15. As a member, ensure you have with you while on Pharr Rifle & Pistol Club, Inc. property: your membership card/key and any licenses necessary for your firearms.
1.16. All members must complete an annual Safety Course to maintain membership.
1.17 Center Fire rifle cartridges are now restricted to the far west table on the 25 yard range. Cartridges designed for handguns may be shot from any location on the 25 yard range.
1.18 Proposed changes to Club rules will now be handled in the following manner: The issue will be presented at a Club business meeting. Those concerned with the issue will prepare precise wording for the rule(s) change. The wording will be printed in the next Club “Firing Points” newsletter. The newsletter will also contain the future date of the Club business meeting when the issue will be voted on.

2.1. Paper, cardboard, non-aerial clays, and steel.
2.2. Clays must be placed on the backstop from 2 feet to 7 feet above ground or on approved target holders.
2.3. Steel targets must have a perfectly flat surface and not lean rearward. Any ding or dimple in a steel target will disqualify that target from being used.
2.4. Steel targets may be engaged no closer than 10 yards and must be placed within 5 yards of the backstop.
2.5. Steel targets must be placed in a manner where missed shots impact the berm no higher than 10 feet above the ground.
2.6. Targets are not to be placed on the side berms.
2.7. All targets must be placed such that all bullets passing through them shall properly impact in the backstop.

3.1. Safety first! Remember: you deserve a safe shooting environment. Demand it from yourself and from everybody else.
3.2. You may question anyone’s safety at any time on the range. They may question your safety.
3.3. A SAFE firearm is unloaded, magazine out, bolt back, and action open except when on a firing line proved ready to fire. Unless you are actually shooting, you WILL keep your finger off the trigger.
3.4. All firearms must be unloaded and encased or holstered when moving between the shooter’s car and the firing line. All firearms must be encased or holstered when moving between ranges. Arriving shooters coming on to a range already in use must leave their firearms encased until everyone is behind the firing line. Muzzles must be pointed down-range at all times, (except when racked) including when you are uncasing and re-casing your firearms. Racked and tabled guns must have their actions open.
3.5. Immediately call CEASEFIRE when unsafe behavior or conditions are observed. All shooters must immediately cease firing.
3.6. Ricochets are not allowed under any circumstance. If a ricochet is heard, the shooter must stop and move targets or shooting position as needed to prevent ricochets.
3.7. You MAY NOT handle a firearm if anyone is downrange of you.
3.8. Always keep your muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
3.9. Unsafe behavior will not be tolerated! You will be warned once. The second offense will see you escorted off the range and your key will be confiscated.
3.10. Eye and ear protection is mandatory in any shooting area while firing.
3.11. All bullets must impact into the backstop.
3.12. The dirt mound in the 25 yard bay is not a backstop. Do not shoot into it!
3.13. No one is allowed to climb the dirt berms, except those duly authorized for maintenance purposes.
3.14. No person shall touch or handle a firearm without the express consent of its owner.
3.15. If you witness a safety infraction and you cannot correct it, you should promptly notify a Board member.
3.16. Cooperate with others as to making the firing line safe for target placement and obey all range commands.
3.17. Before anyone goes downrange for any reason, all firearms must be made SAFE and not touched at all!
3.18. Move off the firing line and behind the safety line while others are downrange.
3.19. Range Safety Officers have the right to demand the surrender of range keys from any member who has broken rules or demonstrated unsafe behavior.
3.20. Failure to obey any or all of these rules may lead to loss of your range key, loss of membership or an unpleasant encounter with the local police.

4.1. Regular membership allows 2 guests with you per visit to the range. You are responsible for your guest and their eye and ear protection.
4.2. Guests shooting or handling firearms must be within“arms reach” of the sponsoring member and be supervised on a “one to one” basis.


6.1. No smoking within 15 feet of a loading rack or firing line.
6.2. Firearms must be charged from a separate measure, not from a flask or powder horn.
6.3. All loading must be done at a rack behind the firing line or by pouch during competition. Cap or prime on the firing line.
6.4. No open powder cans on the loading line, firing line, or in any buildings.

7. Archery Rules – To be determined.

8.1. These rules are in effect at all times, unless the Match Director or Range Safety Officer at a scheduled event or match deems that different accepted safety rules shall be in effect for the duration of the event or match. The Match Director or Range Safety Officer shall make all participants aware and acknowledge the Safety Rules for the duration of the event or match.
8.2. These rules are in effect at all times unless a Range Safety Officer determines it necessary to temporarily hold a rule in abeyance.

9.1. Call 911.
9.2. Notify them of our address: 600E Rancho Blanco, Pharr, TX.
9.3. Stay on the line with them until ambulance arrives.
9.4. Administer First Aid if possible.
9.5. If additional members are on site, direct one member to open the gate and stay at it to direct ambulance inside. Direct another to document the incident.
9.6. Notify the Board of Directors of the incident.

10.1. Safety shall not be compromised. Any direct or intentional safety violation will be subject to disciplinary action by the Board.
10.2 For members who are charged with serious rules violations… Investigation of the incident is the responsibility of the Club Executive Committee, the elected officers. The Executive Committee may handle the work themselves or acquire expert help. The Committee will determine the merits of the case and will have complete authority over discipline.
10.2. MEMBERSHIP REVOCATION: Unsafe or abusive behavior, shooting before or after hours, vandalism, use of unacceptable targets, poaching, loss of NRA membership, failure to obey Rules,or other actions deemed unacceptable.

Range Orientation & Safety Course required for ALL Members
Pharr Rifle & Pistol Club, Inc. members are required to attend an annual Safety Course. New members must also attend an
Orientation Course. The Safety Course is for the purpose of educating members how to safety and correctly use the Range.
These Courses are currently held each First Tuesdayof the month at the Pharr Kiwanis Club at 7:30 pm. Additional Courses
may be provided as a courtesy on the 1st and 3rd Sundays at the Range at 1:00 pm if an instructor is available.