JOIN the Club

All info is pertinent for BRAND NEW members or RENEWING members, even if you’ve been a member for 40 years.

Many people want to become members after visiting the club, but don’t know how to go about doing so. Well, this is what you do.

Attend our monthly meeting, every 1st Tuesday of the month (Except Federal Election Night – Wednesday instead), we now meet onsite at the gun range in our brand spanking newly completed building. Doors open about 7pm and the meeting starts at 7:30pm. Please be on time so we can start our business and move on to processing membership at the adjournment of our meeting. If you show up late, you can always come back next month!

What you need:

Membership dues – Our Fiscal Year starts in October and the dues are $100 per year, prorated quarterly. Cash or Checks accepted. No Credit Cards. So, if you join the club in the following months:

October-November-December: $100

January-February-March: $75

April-May-June: $50

July-August-September: $25 (include upcoming year +$100)

If you join during the months of July-August-September, you can join for that quarter ($25) plus the upcoming fiscal year ($100) beginning in October, for a total of 15 months if done in July, totaling $125 for membership fees. We do this process over these 3 months in order to spread out the membership processes and give you the opportunity to renew membership early.

Spousal memberships: If your spouse would like to join the club, you can pay normal price and your spouse gets a discount of 50%. So make sure you encourage them to do so! Your spose can attend a safety briefing at a later date if unavailable the same day as you and still get the discount for the remaining part of the year prorated quarterly.

You also need to be a member of the National Rifle Association. This is required for our insurance purposes. If you are already a member, then great! Bring your NRA card (WITH expiration date on it) or one of your monthly NRA magazines. It has your member ID in the white box where they print the address info. Receipts from joining online or at a gun show do NOT have your membership # on them. We need the *number*, not proof of payment. Regular pricing for the NRA was increased in 2016 to $40 (from the prior $35) for an annual membership. If not, we can join you up for a discounted price of $30. So, you save $10 by joining through us, and you still get all the benefits of being a member of the NRA.

If for some reason you cannot attend one of the 12 monthly meetings we host on the 1st Tuesday, then you can also consider joining on the 1st & 3rd Sunday of the month @ 1pm. If a volunteer is available to process membership, he or she will be at the range at this time. If nobody shows, then come to the next 1st Tuesday meeting. If you do attend a Sunday meeting, show up promptly – no later than 1pm at the range. If you’re late, you are welcome to attend a future membership class.

When you join, you will go through a safety course which includes reviewing the rules and your signing that you understand and will abide by them. Yes, this is for brand new members as well as renewals, even if you have been a member for 40 years. Most classes take about an hour and then you are issued a membership card. Don’t lose it! It’s your member card for life. Replacement cards are available for $10. Once it is activated, you can attend the club at any daylight hour throughout the year. Be SAFE and enjoy!