Range Is Open Again

All Club Members,

The Range is open again. Damaged electronics that were under water at the gate have been replaced and reinstalled. The 100 and  200 yard bays are sufficiently dry that you can walk down the bays, though there is still a small bit of water in the 100 that is lower than our drainage pipe so has not drained away. There’s a bit of mud walking up to the 50 yard backers, but not much.
The 25 yard bay is still wet and muddy. You’re welcome to try it out yourself, but I’d still give it a week to dry out fully So you don’t tromp mud around.
Mosquitoes have not been a big issue. There are a metric ton of baby frogs inside near the muddy spots, so as long as they are around, mosquitoes won’t be too bad, but you should still have some bug spray handy just in case. Take some baby frogs home to the kids and watch them grow up.
Caught a typo in the Calendar after printing. The August frame is correct on the days, but off by one on the correct date numbers. Just shift it forward by one.
See you Tuesday.