Water still in the 25 yard bay but the road is clear

Ok, so we still have water in the pistol bay, but Rancho Blanco Rd is clear now. The adjoining properties and low spots on ours still have water, as well as the borrow pit behind the 100 yard bay, which is a veritable lake right now.

I also heard on the radio coming home today that Hidalgo County Health department is expecting 6-8 weeks of standing water which means… mosquitoes Mosquitoes MOSQUITOES! And, other wildlife. You have standing water outside and you will be getting all the local fauna.

Here’s the pistol bay and 100 yard bay, which is mostly clear of water except for a small pool on the left.


Here’s the borrow pit lake behind the bay right now as of Monday.


And yeah, we had electric damage up front, but I don’t want to even get into that right now.