Workday this Saturday, 7AM+ in the 200 yard bay

Hello Club Members. This Saturday, we will be hosting a Club Work Day at the range. The 200 yard bay needs some cleanup. It’s already begun and the dumpster has been filled twice, but we need to get it finished up. So if you have any time available Saturday morning, please attend. What are we doing? Well, we’ll be shoveling dirt that has crept forward of the target post holders back into the backstop proper, as well as trimming some of the retama/mesquite/weeds overhanging the side of the bay. You’re welcome to arrive whenever you wish to help out and stay as long as you can. Range Master Jesse Salazar should be arriving approximately 7AM to get started.

So, what do we need? We need YOU! Remember, we’re all volunteers here. If you want a nice place to shoot, we need you to help out.

If you are able to attend, here’s what you need to bring:

A shovel


comfortable clothing for a few hours of outdoor work


Now the club does indeed have the basic tools available if needed, but not enough to go around to everyone. So please consider bringing a shovel at the minimum if not any of the other items. With your help, we will get the job finished and have a nice and clean 200 yard bay again ready to go!