We’re Open

Just left the range to reopen it. All cards are active again. The gate latch is a bit off center again and riding high, so you’ll need to push it a bit to open/close. I’ll get that adjusted as soon as I can find the right tool. So you are welcome to shoot in the cold wet weather if you like. Some additional painting is going to be done, so if that bay is being painted, come back when its open or wait for painter to finish up.

Range closed for the next week

We’re getting some nice quality painting done, and we need to get it done right. So, we’re closing the range down temporarily for all work to get done safely, along with some other maintenance. So, the range is closed now and we expect work to be finished and ready to re-open on Wednesday, December 30th. So please hang onto your firearms and ammo until New Years, as we’ll be busy ’til then. Thank you for your understanding. Stay tuned for any updates.

You cut it, you keep it!

IMG_20151216_152624 IMG_20151216_152608 IMG_20151216_152549 IMG_20151216_152521

Ok folks, i’ve sprayed 4 mesquite trees with orange paint that are in the north and northwest side of the building, so you know which ones to cut. These trees need to disappear down to the ground for eventual parking space. So, bring your chainsaws and hacksaws. You cut it, you keep it. First come, first serve. These are the first 4 that need to go. After they are gone, we shall take measurements and see how many more we need to remove. Be safe, and its better to do it in the winter than the summer! So get cutting. 🙂