Firearm prices nearly back to their ‘normal’ price levels of last year

I had a member tell me the other day that he recently purchased a Windham Weaponry standard config M4gery AR-15 at the Saxet show in San Antonio. He paid $899 for it. Considering that the Windham’s are essentially the Bushmaster label under a new name, the last year price of $800 has almost returned to where it was.

For my part, I expect in 2-3 years for all the panic buyers who bought AR’s & AK-type rifles with fear of a ban to turn around and try to dump them back into the marketplace. The problem here is that when they paid $3200 for a Colt LE6920 that is really only worth about $1050, they will be in for a rude awakening. I hope everyone who bought a firearm joins the culture and becomes an avid shooter, but I don’t think that has happened. I’ve met many new shooters at PRPC and other locations, and they are either in the tacticool mall ninja crowd, already an existing shooter, or not really inclined to “join the club” so to speak. I could be wrong, but that’s my impression.

For your part, I hope you inspire your friends and those around you to join the firearm culture. We need more people, as the fight will never die. Remember, gun have two enemies: RUST & POLITICIANS!

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