Become an NRA Certified Range Safety Officer!

NRA RSO capOur very own Youth Instructor, Daniel Gutierrez, has graciously offered to host a class for anyone, PRPC member or not, to become a certified NRA Range Safety Officer. Please consider this opportunity and if at all possible, go for it! The typical way to do so is to take a drive to Houston or Austin or elsewhere, take a 10 hour course, then come home. This way, you are able to take the course for nearly the cost of materials and don’t incur any special travel of food related fees! Once you become an RSO, you get that really neato hat with the NRA logo on the front and ‘RSO’ on the back.

PRPC members will be able to attend the training course for the low price of $60. Non-members who wish to gain this credential will still be able to attain it for the low price of $100. For reference, the closest Instructor is in San Antonio, and he charges $165 for the course! Take advantage now while you have the chance.

Click here on the NRA Instructor page and sign up today!


3 thoughts on “Become an NRA Certified Range Safety Officer!”

  1. Thank You ! It is good to see a club that is first class in its action. I went to your website that CMP had listed as Leon County & Centerville Tx. Dio you know of Tallahassee FL. It’s in Leon county next door to a small town Centerville.
    Wish I was still at Lackland, or Brooks AFB. If your club was within 100 miles I would ask to join. You put safety first. Then you have fun, teaching kids to shoot, cleaning old guns. Yes I may have one or two.
    But most of all it just having fun target shooting.

    The Chaplain; Have no gun will travel, Sharp Sward & Shield will use.
    PS do have a few guns now that I am out of USAF.

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