Pharr Gun Club website goes live

I finally got the DNS redirected so the domain is live on my server. I’ll be configuring layout as time is available and content is uploadable. Keep in touch.

9 thoughts on “Pharr Gun Club website goes live”

  1. I was looking over our newsletter and decided to look at the new site. Really impressive!! I had stopped checking our old site, because it was a bit old. I really like this new look. Good Job!!!

  2. Hi,

    I had a question. Is the club affiliated with the CMP? I was just asking because trying to get a Garand.

  3. It seems as tho’ the club is headed in the right direction. For sure, once this construction and planning is finished, we will have a first class range. We’ve come a long way gang. If only we can keep out the ones that make it difficult for the rest of us.
    Please keep going.

    Don St. Aubn

  4. Thanks! I’m a bit late replying, but with so few people willing to step up these days, the few of us doing things wear many hats.

  5. Thank you for your positive comments. It takes a lot of work to keep a gun range open and running when the people running it are all volunteers! We like to have a place to shoot so we want it to stay open and accessible to others as well. Shoot often and be safe!

  6. I have been trying to find out who do I call for information about the Pharr Gun Range. It has been years since I used to belong to the club back when I was working with Einburg Police Department. Someone gave me three phone numbers. Two were no longer working and the third, no onw would answer the call. I would like to have a phone number to call for information.
    Thank you,

  7. The club does not have paid staff or a finished building with a phone in it. Pretty much all the information is on this website. To join, you can attend the monthly First Tuesday meeting at the Pharr Kiwanis Club, or the 1st or 3rd Sunday at the range itself. Are you looking for info on something else?

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