Range Is Open Again

All Club Members,

The Range is open again. Damaged electronics that were under water at the gate have been replaced and reinstalled. The 100 and  200 yard bays are sufficiently dry that you can walk down the bays, though there is still a small bit of water in the 100 that is lower than our drainage pipe so has not drained away. There’s a bit of mud walking up to the 50 yard backers, but not much.
The 25 yard bay is still wet and muddy. You’re welcome to try it out yourself, but I’d still give it a week to dry out fully So you don’t tromp mud around.
Mosquitoes have not been a big issue. There are a metric ton of baby frogs inside near the muddy spots, so as long as they are around, mosquitoes won’t be too bad, but you should still have some bug spray handy just in case. Take some baby frogs home to the kids and watch them grow up.
Caught a typo in the Calendar after printing. The August frame is correct on the days, but off by one on the correct date numbers. Just shift it forward by one.
See you Tuesday.

Water still in the 25 yard bay but the road is clear

Ok, so we still have water in the pistol bay, but Rancho Blanco Rd is clear now. The adjoining properties and low spots on ours still have water, as well as the borrow pit behind the 100 yard bay, which is a veritable lake right now.

I also heard on the radio coming home today that Hidalgo County Health department is expecting 6-8 weeks of standing water which means… mosquitoes Mosquitoes MOSQUITOES! And, other wildlife. You have standing water outside and you will be getting all the local fauna.

Here’s the pistol bay and 100 yard bay, which is mostly clear of water except for a small pool on the left.


Here’s the borrow pit lake behind the bay right now as of Monday.


And yeah, we had electric damage up front, but I don’t want to even get into that right now.

Range closed until further notice due to flooding

Ok, posted on Facebook 2 days ago when it happened, but didn’t get it up here till now. Probably another couple days of drainage needed, as Ranch Blanco Is still shut down in front of us while crews are pumping water out of the area into the spillway. Well, here are some pics of the flooding. Check back in a day or two for updates.

The Clubhouse didn’t get any water damage on initial inspection, but the low points are still under water.

Workday this Saturday, 7AM+ in the 200 yard bay

Hello Club Members. This Saturday, we will be hosting a Club Work Day at the range. The 200 yard bay needs some cleanup. It’s already begun and the dumpster has been filled twice, but we need to get it finished up. So if you have any time available Saturday morning, please attend. What are we doing? Well, we’ll be shoveling dirt that has crept forward of the target post holders back into the backstop proper, as well as trimming some of the retama/mesquite/weeds overhanging the side of the bay. You’re welcome to arrive whenever you wish to help out and stay as long as you can. Range Master Jesse Salazar should be arriving approximately 7AM to get started.

So, what do we need? We need YOU! Remember, we’re all volunteers here. If you want a nice place to shoot, we need you to help out.

If you are able to attend, here’s what you need to bring:

A shovel


comfortable clothing for a few hours of outdoor work


Now the club does indeed have the basic tools available if needed, but not enough to go around to everyone. So please consider bringing a shovel at the minimum if not any of the other items. With your help, we will get the job finished and have a nice and clean 200 yard bay again ready to go!

Portable Target Stands

As a reminder: The welded rebar portable target stands we have on site, like the one on display with the silhouette targets inside the Classroom, are for use in the 25 yard pistol bat ONLY. These target stands are NOT for use in the 100 yard or 200 yard bays. If you find these target stands in the 100/200 bays, please relocate them back into the 25 yard bay. This is not a new rule, and has been in existence for well over a decade.

Additionally, you are welcome to bring your own target stands. Here is one vendor I have purchased from before, but by no means the only supplier out there. I particularly like the folding model, as it’s great for those of us who don’t have truck beds available to transport lots of gear. The wooden supports are easily replaced when damaged.

portable target stand
portable target stand

Portable Target Stand like this one or others. Several styles available.