Workday this Saturday, 7AM+ in the 200 yard bay

Hello Club Members. This Saturday, we will be hosting a Club Work Day at the range. The 200 yard bay needs some cleanup. It’s already begun and the dumpster has been filled twice, but we need to get it finished up. So if you have any time available Saturday morning, please attend. What are we doing? Well, we’ll be shoveling dirt that has crept forward of the target post holders back into the backstop proper, as well as trimming some of the retama/mesquite/weeds overhanging the side of the bay. You’re welcome to arrive whenever you wish to help out and stay as long as you can. Range Master Jesse Salazar should be arriving approximately 7AM to get started.

So, what do we need? We need YOU! Remember, we’re all volunteers here. If you want a nice place to shoot, we need you to help out.

If you are able to attend, here’s what you need to bring:

A shovel


comfortable clothing for a few hours of outdoor work


Now the club does indeed have the basic tools available if needed, but not enough to go around to everyone. So please consider bringing a shovel at the minimum if not any of the other items. With your help, we will get the job finished and have a nice and clean 200 yard bay again ready to go!

Portable Target Stands

As a reminder: The welded rebar portable target stands we have on site, like the one on display with the silhouette targets inside the Classroom, are for use in the 25 yard pistol bat ONLY. These target stands are NOT for use in the 100 yard or 200 yard bays. If you find these target stands in the 100/200 bays, please relocate them back into the 25 yard bay. This is not a new rule, and has been in existence for well over a decade.

Additionally, you are welcome to bring your own target stands. Here is one vendor I have purchased from before, but by no means the only supplier out there. I particularly like the folding model, as it’s great for those of us who don’t have truck beds available to transport lots of gear. The wooden supports are easily replaced when damaged.

portable target stand
portable target stand

Portable Target Stand like this one or others. Several styles available.

Upcoming UTM training

Interested in UTM training? Want to see what UTM training is? For a quick demonstration, see this 

We are in the process of setting up future training courses for UTM training at our Club. If you are interested, contact 2nd Vice President Ray Mendez for more info at or (956)367-5248

Here are the preliminary course datasheets.

Basic Handgun Carbine Class

Handgun Course 1

Handgun Course 2

AR15 Carbine Course

Tactical Handgun Carbine Combination Course

Custom Design Course

No meeting on July 4th —–> July 5th Instead!

Happy Independence Day to all our Club members! Regrettably, when I sent the quarterly Newsletter out to the printer this week, I didn’t catch this mishap before being printed. Normally we meet every First Tuesday of the month at the Club. As it turns out, July 4th happens to fall on that Tuesday. So, instead of coming to the range on Tuesday, we will be meeting On Wednesday, July 5th instead! Doors open approximately 7pm, meeting starts at 7:30pm. Best wishes to all, and have a safe Independence Day, celebrating the birth of the greatest country in human history. See you Wednesday!

We have 2 new State Champion Shooters in our ranks!

Ladies & Gentlemen, please join me in congratulating father and son, Carlos and Daniel Salazar, both won their respective TSRA Small-bore Standard Rifle Silhouette State Championships. Daniel took first place in the AAA division and Carlos took first place in the AA division. Please congratulate them for their superlative marksmanship skills. For anyone interested in the 22 silhouette competition, keep in mind we host it every 3rd Sunday. As with all our matches, you are welcome to watch first, but odds are you will enjoy it and pick up a new hobby! The 2017 Match information can be viewed if you are interested.

Some maintenance work today…

Well, I had arrived at the range this morning at 10:30 to enjoy it for a change and actually do some shooting. My friend who was going to meet me didn’t arrive on time, so I proceeded to change the oil on the John Deere. Also discovered the front left tire was flat. South Texas thorns really do a number on our lawn mower tires. He showed up and started. Shortly thereafter it was time for the Membership session. After doing that, I threw out some trash from the restrooms and discovered the flourescent lights were dead in the Ladies’ restroom. A couple trips later to Lowe’s and that has been remedied with nice shiny brand new bulbs. Restock paper towels and TP, and it’s time to go. Lunch back in McAllen at 5pm. Nice day. Hope you all enjoyed it too.

Changing the oil on the John Deere