We have 2 new State Champion Shooters in our ranks!

Ladies & Gentlemen, please join me in congratulating father and son, Carlos and Daniel Salazar, both won their respective TSRA Small-bore Standard Rifle Silhouette State Championships. Daniel took first place in the AAA division and Carlos took first place in the AA division. Please congratulate them for their superlative marksmanship skills. For anyone interested in the 22 silhouette competition, keep in mind we host it every 3rd Sunday. As with all our matches, you are welcome to watch first, but odds are you will enjoy it and pick up a new hobby! The 2017 Match information can be viewed if you are interested.

Some maintenance work today…

Well, I had arrived at the range this morning at 10:30 to enjoy it for a change and actually do some shooting. My friend who was going to meet me didn’t arrive on time, so I proceeded to change the oil on the John Deere. Also discovered the front left tire was flat. South Texas thorns really do a number on our lawn mower tires. He showed up and started. Shortly thereafter it was time for the Membership session. After doing that, I threw out some trash from the restrooms and discovered the flourescent lights were dead in the Ladies’ restroom. A couple trips later to Lowe’s and that has been remedied with nice shiny brand new bulbs. Restock paper towels and TP, and it’s time to go. Lunch back in McAllen at 5pm. Nice day. Hope you all enjoyed it too.

Changing the oil on the John Deere

100 yard target line repair work completed

Thanks to our Range Master Jesse Salazar for rebuilding the 100 yard target holders. Special thanks to Daniel Salazar and Jaime Villareal for their assistance and tractor use to get the job done! Looks great guys. Members, please remember to avoid shooting the wooden framework. Targets should be stapled onto the black celotex board so that the wood doesn’t get shot up.


Before repair work
Tractor in position ready to work
Quite a bit of dirt waiting to be moved back
Look at those nice clean lines! Make sure not to shoot the wood please. 🙂

100 yard bay closed this Saturday @ 7am

This upcoming Saturday morning our Range Master Jesse Salazar and any work volunteers will be repairing the framework in the 100 yard bay. The bay will be closed until repair work is complete.  You are welcome to join in the repair work if you bring your shovel. 🙂

25 yard bay shut down March 24th, 9:30am-12pm

Friday of next week, March 24th, the pistol bay will be shut down from general use for a scheduled training event for the City of Pharr Fire Department from 9:30am to 12pm Noon.

The 100 yard and 200 yard bays will still be available for general use by the membership.

If you want to use the pistol bay, please make sure to vacate it by 9am or arrive after 12pm. Safe shooting!

1st & 3rd Sunday Membership meetings available again!

Ok, I think I’ve got it covered. Vice President Todd Jandreau and Club Member Cesar Barraza will be covering the 1st & 3rd Sunday membership meetings. These will be available for renewals and brand new members. The info is the same for both. Make sure you bring required payment for club dues and NRA membership (if needed) in cash or check form. Click the ‘JOIN the Club’ tab above to review all needed info.


Side note: want some free mesquite? Help yourself to any of the cut mesquite at the range. It’s piled at different locations near where it was cut.

No Sunday membership meetings till further notice and Quarterly Newsletter delayed

Greetings friends. For those who may not yet know, our beloved Secretary-Treasurer Neo Canales was hospitalized the night before Thanksgiving. He spent quite some time in the neuroscience ICU with a head injury. Since then he has been moved to the Rehab hospital for his recovery. His recovery will take an unknown amount of time. Please join us in prayer for his healthy recovery.

As such, there will be no 1st or 3rd Sunday membership meetings for new members or renewals. We will however continue to meet every first Tuesday of the month as normal and conduct membership meetings there. The Spring Newsletter will be delayed an unknown amount of time until we can get that worked out as well.

During this difficult time, please remember that this is a volunteer run club. There are only so many volunteers. We could always use your help. If you are available to help take up duties to keep the club running, please contact us here on the website or you can email me directly at kevin@kevinramsey.com

Merry Christmas and may this holiday time bring happiness and joy to you and yours.

Club President,

Kevin Ramsey